Sprott Focused US Dividend Class


  • Portfolio manager with proven experience managing U.S. equities.
  • Concentrated portfolio of high-quality companies, not limited by market cap or sector.
  • Actively managed, repeatable and disciplined investment process.
  • Tax-efficient monthly distribution, targeted at 3.5% per annum.


Sprott Focused Business Investing means investing in a focused manner, in high quality businesses.


The focus is on businesses with a franchise value advantage as shown by their pricing power, differentiated service or product and superior long-term returns on capital. The result is a focused portfolio of 35-40 high-quality companies that have been well-researched and thoroughly understood.


High-quality business is at the core of the strategy. It is defined as a business that generates strong returns on invested capital, strong recurring free cash flow from a collection of irreplaceable assets capitalized with low amounts of debt.

Returns on invested capital (ROIC) – is considered the best long-term measure of the quality of a business and the skill of the management team operating the business.

Free cash flow – it is what gives business life. The strategy only invests in businesses with strong, recurring positive free cash flow.

Irreplaceable assets can be tangible or intangible and are easily spotted in many franchise businesses.

Debt and its servicing cost can leave the shareholders more vulnerable to cyclical downturns, when revenues and cash flow decline. Generally, the less debt the company has, the better.


The strategy only invests in a company once the margin of safety is large enough to compensate for the risk. Companies that make up the portfolio are continuously monitored to make sure they continue to offer the required return potential.

Sprott Focused Business Investing is designed to build a concentrated portfolio of high-quality businesses that will generate superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term. The portfolio consists of companies with high returns on invested capital, run by management teams that behave like true stewards of investor capital, added to the portfolio only when they are priced to deliver sufficient return for the risk incurred.

Investment Team

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Fund Details 

Fund Type US Dividend
Inception Date November 25, 2015
Min. Initial Investment $500
Management Fee Series A1: 1.95%
Series A: 2.00%
Series F1: 0.95%
Series F: 1.00% 
Min Investment Term 20 Days,  (1.5% Penalty)
Risk Tolerance Medium
Distributions 3.5% per annum paid monthly
Fund Code SPR 170 - (A)
SPR 171 - (A1-FE)
SPR 169 - (A-LL)
SPR 172 - (F-NL)
SPR 680 - (F1-NL)
SPR 174 - (P-FE)
SPR 175 - (PF-FE)
SPR 176 - (Q-FE)
SPR 177 - (QF-FE)