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Ninepoint Partners Lp announces wind-up Of Ninepoint Corporate Class Funds In 2021

TORONTO, October 8, 2021 – Ninepoint Partners LP (Ninepoint Partners) announced today its intention to wind‐up Ninepoint Corporate Class Inc. (the Corporation). This decision was made as a result of changes to the Income Tax Act (Canada) and market trends, which have eliminated some of the benefits of the corporate class structure.  

Each of Ninepoint Diversified Bond Class, Ninepoint Resource Class, Ninepoint Silver Equities Class, Ninepoint Risk Advantaged U.S. Equity Index Class, Ninepoint Return Advantaged U.S. Equity Index Class and Ninepoint Focused Global Dividend Class (each, a Terminating Fund and collectively, the Terminating Funds) will be merged into its trust fund equivalent (each, a Continuing Fund and collectively, the Continuing Funds) which has, or will have, a substantially similar investment objective, investment portfolio, fee structure and valuation procedure and is, or will be, managed by the same portfolio management team (collectively, the Mergers). The Mergers will occur on a tax‐deferred basis on or about December 10, 2021.  

Existing investors of the Terminating Funds as of October 1, 2021, will be mailed an investor notice today. No action is required by investors. All costs and expenses associated with the Mergers will be borne by the Manager.  

The Independent Review Committee has reviewed the potential conflict of interest matters related to the proposed Mergers and has approved the Mergers.  

In anticipation of the Mergers, the Terminating Funds will be closed to new purchases made by wire on or about December 7, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. (Eastern Time). For switches and direct buy or sell orders, the Terminating Funds will be closed on or about December 9, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).  

Following the Mergers, pre‐authorized purchase plans established for purchases of units of the Terminating Fund will be immediately transferred to the equivalent series of units of the Continuing Fund. Through the Mergers, holders of units of each series of the Terminating Fund will receive units of the same series of the Continuing Fund determined on a dollar‐for‐dollar basis.  

The Manager, on behalf of the trust fund equivalent for Ninepoint Silver Equities Class intends to apply to list the ETF Series units of such fund on the NEO Exchange. Listing is subject to the approval of the NEO Exchange in accordance with its original listing requirements. The NEO Exchange has not conditionally approved the listing application and there is no assurance that the NEO Exchange will approve the listing application. Subject to receiving conditional approval and satisfying the NEO Exchange’s original listing requirements, the ETF Series units of such fund will be listed on the NEO Exchange.  

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