Ninepoint Target Income Fund

October 2022 Commentary


Recent Market Trends

Equity markets rebounded from oversold conditions, on earnings that outperformed downwardly revised expectations and fixed income markets rallying on early signs of moderating inflation and employment data.

The Ninepoint Target Income Fund Portfolio Update

  • Buffer Level: The weighted average buffer of the option portfolio ended October at -21% primarily due to the S&P 500 rallying 8% during the month.
  • Options Portfolio: The RBC rules based put selling strategies employed within the Ninepoint Target Income Fund are set to roll another quarter of the portfolio into new 1-year put options in mid-December. The weighted average strike (buffer) will be rolled ~-24% below levels at that point in time.
  • Portfolio Positioning: We continue to deploy the RBC put selling strategies that provide a more conservative laddered buffer, while still offering the Ninepoint Target Income Fund the potential to generate returns in a range of equity market scenarios.
  • Market Observations: Intermediate-term technical indicators are no longer oversold on major equity indices. While the recent move lower in rates does alleviate some of the valuation pressure on equities, it hasn’t been enough to offset stretched equity risk premium. We will discuss these and other factors that inform our current portfolio positioning, as well as signposts for changing our positioning in the 2023 outlook to follow.

As always please feel free to reach out with any inquiries.

Until Next Time,

Colin Watson
APM, Ninepoint Partners


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